December 7, 2022

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1. The warrant article does not call for 'de-regionalization'. It calls for exercising an option contained in the regional agreement which both towns (Dighton or Rehoboth) have the option to exercise if they so choose. The Regional School District would continue to exist even if Rehoboth were to opt to reassume local control over its K-8 school system

2. Neither the Board of Selectmen nor the Finance Committee have taken a position for or against the article. The article is the result of a citizen petition submitted in accordance with the town's bylaws and Massachusetts General Laws. The selectmen are obligated to place the article on a warrant in accordance with our bylaws and MGL. Our action of placing the article on a warrant should not be interpreted as "support" for the article.

3. The K-8 Withdrawal Committee, formed by the Board of Selectmen to study the impact, has been presenting their findings (in response to questions from citizens). Some of those questions have dealt with financial issues, others with educational impact issues. Prior presentations of the K-8 Withdrawal Committee are available for people to view on Rehoboth TV Channel 9 (and via their web site.) To state "publication...has been non-existent" is disingenuous at best.

3a. It should be noted that with an article by citizen petition the town is under no obligation to do anything other than place the article on a warrant for action at town meeting. The town was not obligated to undertake a study or hire consultants to study the impact of an article submitted by citizen petition. However, the Board of Selectmen did feel the article did deserve some attention and formed the ad-hoc study committee to field questions from the public and find answers. This committee has met repeatedly for many months and their meetings have been posted and open to the public in accordance with applicable open meeting laws.

4. A special town meeting warrant must be mailed to all citizens a minimum of 14 days prior to town meeting. The 14 day cut-off is July 23rd. Those who watch the Board of Selectmen's meetings will know the Selectmen have signed the warrant and the warrant is currently at the printer and in the process of being mailed to meet that deadline. As is past practice of the Town, when the warrant is mailed to residents it will be simultaneously placed on the town's web site for folks to download.

Michael P. Deignan

Vice Chairman

Rehoboth Board of Selectmen

From: Dighton Rehoboth De-Regionalization of the K-8 Meeting Dates

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