April 19, 2024

Cold Weather Water Critters in RLT’s Vernal Pools

March 16, 2024 1 pm – 3 pm Rain date: March 17, 2024, 1 pm – 3 pm


What kinds of animals are active in icy cold water in March?! Crazy ones, right?! You’ll be surprised to discover just what wriggles, swims, and slithers about in the vernal pools of the Rehoboth Land Trust’s Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land property on Pond Street! We will visit two pools where Carol Entin will provide some tubs of vernal pool leaf litter for you to explore. In addition, we will pull out some amphibian traps set out the day before to look at any live frogs or salamanders trapped overnight! We can’t wade in the water, but you should definitely wear waterproof footgear and dress warmly. Keeping your hands dry will also make your experience more comfortable.

When you register for this free walk, you will receive some tips and tricks for staying comfortable when working with water in March! Spaces are limited to a total of 10 people. RSVP with your name, number of people, and phone number to info@rehobothlandtrust.net  or call Carol Entin at 508-415-6065.


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