May 26, 2024

Nurse’s Notes


Hello Rehoboth,

We are headed to Spring! So, you know I am going to caution my gardeners to watch out for mosquitos and ticks. I know you all know the drill, but just as a reminder; long sleeves and long pants, in light colors, with pant legs tucked into your socks is the best way to keep the ticks and mosquitos off your skin and minimize the risk of bites. It’s always a good idea to do a full body check when you come in from your gardening, even on your scalp. If you have pets out in the garden with you, that live inside your home, be sure to check them also. I know some of us animal lovers have our outdoor pets in our homes, on our couches and sometimes even sleeping in our bedrooms. In these cases, it is very important to check your pets to be sure the ticks don’t travel from them to you. And remember, your pet can develop tick and mosquito borne diseases too. For questions about your pet’s health, check with your vet.

The Public Health Nurse office has no more COVID or ‘flu vaccine. I can, however, get the COVID vaccine from Anawan Pharmacy for those who need in-home vaccination. Give me a call @ 508-962-4558. If you are not home-bound please check in at the pharmacy for the vaccination. When you read this, ‘flu season will have ended but COVID has no season, so continue to take good care of yourselves and be careful when out and about.

You may have seen on the Public Health Nurse’s web page that we are working with the State regarding the Opioid Settlement Funds. At this time, we are looking for community input as to how Rehoboth wants to address the opioid crisis in our community. According to the data reported by, “47 percent of all opioid-related overdose deaths were between 25 and 44 years old; 43 percent were between 45 and 64 years old, with the higher incidence occurring in males” We cannot assume that this crisis doesn’t affect our small rural community. So, I am hoping we can ask those closest to the opioid crisis in our community for their input on how to best serve and protect our community. Please have a look at the Public Health Nurse’s page on the town website for more information on joining a focus group to help us get started. Or send me an e-mail at 

I am now offering Caregiver Support Group via Zoom. I will hopefully have run a couple of groups in March, but you can find the link on the Public Health Nurses’ page if you’d like to join. The meetings are at 7pm every other Wednesday (for April: 10th @ 7pm & 24th @ 7pm) Please just send me a quick e-mail if you are interested and I’ll add you to the meeting.

BP screening continues every Monday from 1115a-115p. The Wednesday screening clinics will be on hold for the time being.

The Podiatrist will be here again on May 2nd from 9a-1230p. The are some appointments left mid-morning that day.

We have updated information on GATRA and the areas the GATRA service now covers for those needing transportation to and from doctor’s appointment and also to the Senior Center for lunch and activities. Look out for the GATRA fliers with more information here in the Rehoboth Reporter.

In closing, we here in the Public Health Nurse’s office wish you a warm and sunny spring, and we’ll chat again in May. Stay safe and well,

Geri Hamel RN MSN,
Rehoboth Public Health Nurse.


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