February 8, 2023

The May 10, 1977 Snowstorm


It snowed 2 - 4 inches the evening of May 10, 1977! During the storm, that evening I drove north through Rehoboth on Rte. 118. I was on my way home to Attleboro from Swansea.

I remember the tree leaves were out and the heavy snow weighed down the branches. Most tree branches were bent over from the weight of the snow and seemed to form the shape of a tunnel. Some branches were so low they brushed the roof of my car!

I live in a wooded area so after I arrived home, I sat outside on my back steps. I could hear branches breaking off trees from the weight of the snow and falling to the ground! I watched as one large branch broke off our large oak tree and came down on our porch roof ripping off the gutter! That was a storm to remember.

The next day, I took the following two pictures.


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