July 13, 2024

Town Clerk's Corner


Per state law, a mailing was done in July to inactive voters. These are voters who did not answer the census. In order to keep the voting list up to date, especially with this big election year, the state requires that postcard confirmations be mailed out. These cards have return postage on them so if you receive one, please just follow the instructions on the card and put it in the mail. This will save voters from filling out paper work at the polls in order to vote.

The November election will be the first time that the Commonwealth has had early voting. More information will be coming out about hours for early voting once we hold the September 8th primary election. There will not be early voting for the primary election just the November 8th election. Also, we will be doing a cable show about early voting as we are encouraging voters to use the eleven days that we will have voting previous to the November 8th date, to vote. It will save lines at the polls on election day if we can get voters to come to Town Hall to early vote. Being the first time this state has had early voting, we have no idea how many people will take advantage of this. Hopefully, many will and we will be open on a Saturday here at Town Hall during the required days. The requirement is ten days during business hours, but we can also add the Saturday in between the two weeks, which we are planning to do.

The Town Clerk’s office also will be holding our annual 9/11 tribute to our public safety employees. This is the 15th anniversary of the attacks on this country—doesn’t seem possible that 15 years have gone by since that horrible day in our history. The ceremony will be held on Monday, September 12th at 6:00 PM at the public safety complex on Taunton Avenue. We will hold it rain or shine. If it rains, we can go inside the bays at the complex so no one gets rained on. Mr Smialek, the High School Music Director will be bringing his jazz ensemble and they will play some patriotic music. There will be a bagpiper from the North Attleboro Fire Department. Elementary students from Aitken and Martin Schools will march in with the Police and Fire Honor Guards. The students will lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. We thank both schools for participating in this ceremony. This year is especially important that we thank our police and fire employees for all they do to keep us safe. Please plan on attending and say thank you to our wonderful crew of employees. Now more than ever we need to honor them. You can bring a chair if you like. The area will be sprayed before the ceremony for mosquitoes by Bristol County Mosquito Control.

If you want to check your voter status, you can go on the town web site and go under Town Clerk, elections and voting. Everything is available on line through Boston. You can even register to vote on line now in this state. An easy to remember webpage was set up by a Town Clerk and it is www.123voter.com. That takes you directly to the Elections Division webpage.
Hope everyone had a safe summer.


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