December 1, 2022

Signal Beacon Seekonk Intersection Response


This is in response to "The Beacon Installed at Seekonk Intersection". Is this a joke? Do the Seekonk Board of Selectmen members seriously believe this is a way to deter accidents or speeding over the hill located near Mt. Carmel Church from happening at that Lincoln Street intersection? How many people have to die on 44 before an actual traffic light is installed to slow the flow of speeders on that stretch? You have a light at 44 and Arcade Ave. and there isn't another light until 44 and rt.118 in Rehoboth. While on this subject, I'd like to bring up other areas of town that SERIOUSLY need traffic signals. I've lived in this town for 25 years and traveled through Seekonk for many years before moving here. That "beacon" at 152 and Arcade is antiquated for the amount of traffic flowing through the area is in desperate need for a PROPER traffic light. It's such a joy (sarcasm) trying to take a lefthand turn headed towards East Providence. The intersection of Ledge Rd. and Arcade Ave. near the high school is in desperate need for a PROPER traffic light. Spending our tax dollars on "beacons" is a WASTE, a joke. Maybe next time the members think to add another wasteful, antiquated, blinking joke to this town they could bring it up to the most important people, the TAXPAYERS, and listen to what WE think.

Karyn Casey


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