May 17, 2022

Running for Seekonk School Committee


Hi my name is Andrea Rosseter, and i'm running for school committee. This is my first time running for public service, and since I've lived here for only four years I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself, and my reasons for running.

Professionally I have over two decades of experience in retail management from mom & pop to big box environments. I am well accustomed to multi-million dollar operational budgets, setting policies, and creating/performing evaluations. During my tenure I have worked with thousands of individuals to attain common goals, and welcome differing thoughts, and opinions. There are 2 major lessons I have learned throughout both involving information. The first is the need for Level of Service Analysis. It is a priority to learn the perceptions of not only the teachers, but the students, families, and our community. The second lesson is the dissemination, and context of information itself. Governmental agencies need transparency, but what is the use of a list of laws, numbers, anagrams, or initialisms without understanding them in context. I want everyone who desires to know the ins-and-outs of our school system to have a firm understanding. In short I not only want to hear what all of us have to say, I want us to be informed. Our system derives 75% of its operational budget from our municipal taxes, it is not only our money, but also our youth.
On a personal level a number of years ago by living modestly I was able to switch from my chosen career to retail merchandising. This allowed me the time to care for not only my son, but also my parents and Uncle. I have since lost my Father and Uncle, but still care for my Mother presently.

My Mother was an educator, it was her love and calling. During a discussion she talked about her dissatisfaction with the current state of our system. This began my examination, trying to figure out what could be so wrong. Clearly a gear is failing to turn for both teachers and students. I really did not know what went into it. My son who is in seventh now, has always had an IEP, and with great teams, his will, and my advocacy he has thrived. So 3 years ago I began to study laws, policies and budgets, and started attending SC meetings. I thought heavily on my son's IEP, and how that has changed outcomes for him. I believe it has afforded him not a set of different expectations, but an opportunity to meet them as an individual. As the granddaughter of Portuguese immigrants I staunchly believe in the individual, and the promise of opportunity that America gives. I'd love to see that promise fulfilled for our youth, and mitigate whatever is holding our educators back from fully enjoying their calling.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Andrea Rosseter
27 Deborah Cir


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